Hire Us

Our troupe performs comedic acrobatic acts. You've seen us at variety and burlesque shows around the Bay Area, from the Uptown in Oakland to the Improv in San Jose. We offer custom choreography and costuming on request.

Available Acts

    Evil Clowns

    This used to be a fun house but now it's full of evil clowns. Will our protagonists escape from the evil clowns of become clowns themselves?


    A contortion and acrobatics routine. The ghostbusters have just finished moving into their new office, but one of their moving boxes hosts some unexpected guests.


    This trio tells the story of pygmalion the artist who falls so deeply in love with his art that it comes to life

    Shape of Water

    Inspired by Guermo del Torro's award winning film, this aerial and partner acrobatics acts tells the story of forbidden and misunderstood love, and the frightening reactions of those who can't understand.

Technical Details

An ideal performance space offers 12ft of vertical clearance and at least 12ft x 9ft of stage area. All our acts can be adapted for smaller or larger venues